De Ranke Brewery has some vegan options

Address: Rue Du Petit Tourcoing 1a (B-7711) Dottignies
Phone: ++32(0)56 41 82 41
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Products by De Ranke Brewery:

Company email (May 2018)
"here are no animal products used, and there is no used of excipients or additives. (not any).

"This applies to all the beers we commercialise ourselves: Guldenberg/XX Bitter/Simplex/Saison de Dottginies, Noir de Dottignies, XXXB, Vieille Provison en Back to Black en Hop Harvest.

Regarding the Kriek and the Cuvée we cannot guarantee this 100%, since in those beers there is lambic from other breweries used."

Company Email (circa 2010)
"It is correct that none of our beers are filtered.
We also don't use animal product or other product to make the beer clear, the only secret is a long lagering."