Triumph Brewing has some vegan options

Address: 400 Union Square
New Hope, Pennsylvania, 18938
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Products by Triumph Brewing:

Company email (May 2016):
"Triumph Brewing Company of New Hope is a brewpub and because of that we have the oppurtunity to create a variety of different beers. Because of that some beers we produce would be vegan friendly and others would not fit that criteria. It also means all of our beer is created strictly on-site. The majority of our beers contain no animal products. For instance our IPAs, lagers, etc would not. We also seasonally make a beer called Coffee and Cream Stout which is made with coffee, and to your point, lactose. So to answer your question, the majority of our beer is vegan friendly. Our staff knows when something is not vegan-friendly and any ingredient like honey or lactose would be mentioned in the description of the individual beer styles."

Company Email (circa 2010):
"So ultimately it is a batch to batch decision. I wish there was a better alternative besides a centrifuge (mega money) or long aging times to reduce the yeast population enough that filtration was easier (settling by gravity)"

"Honey is used in the Honey Blonde and the older house beer Honey Wheat. It
is a small amount but it is used nonetheless. The only animal product
that would be used for clarification is gelatin. It is not used extensively and only as necessary for a stubbornly cloudy beer."