The Orchard Gate is vegan friendly

Address: Flushing, MI
Phone: 919-771-4584
Checked by: Patrick, Dagda
Double checked by: AngelA
Added: over 8 years ago

Products by The Orchard Gate:

Company Email:
"I am happy to report that the Scrumpy & our Solstice cider contain no animal products and are completely vegan friendly. We do not filter or fine at all hence the cider will have a little haze to it caused by yeast & pectin. We are vegan friendly by default not design, if we filtered or fine it would strip flavour...Our Scrumpy: apple Juice 100% cert organic & yeast (champagne & wild). Our Solstice: same as above with cinnamon, vanilla & maple syrup."
Grown, Crushed, Fermented and Bottled at Almar Orchard.

Gluten-free & Sulphite free on label.