Saint Arnold Brewing Company is vegan friendly

Address: 2000 Lyons Avenue
Houston, TX, 77020
Phone: 713-686-9494
Checked by: Phil
Double checked by: James, Susan
Added: almost 12 years ago
Double Checked: over 7 years ago

Products by Saint Arnold Brewing Company:

Company Email:
You can drink our beer and be a very happy vegan. We use no animal-derived ingredients in any of our beers. The only exception in our history will be Divine Reserve No. 3 which won't be bottled for another 2 months. It has some honey in it (I hadn't thought of that connection until you mentioned it). We do not use isinglass.

Email 2:
Thanks for the note. Our beers are Vegan safe. We use no animal finings or other animal products in our beers. Hope this helps! Feel free to contact Kendra Harrell (, our Fort Worth sales rep. She should be able to assist you with anything else you need. Thanks again!

Email 3:
Thanks for the note. We do not use any animal products in any of our beers or as any filtration aids.