Pretty Things Beer & Ale has some vegan options

Address: Cambridge, Massachussets
Phone: 617-682-6419
Checked by: Scott
Double checked by: AngelA
Added: almost 9 years ago

Products by Pretty Things Beer & Ale:

Company Email:
"I'm happy to tell you that at this moment, and for the forseable future Pretty Things does not use any animal products in our kegs or 22 ounce bottles. That can be said for Jack D'Or, Baby Tree, Saint Botolph's Town and Babayaga. The only additives that we use in our beers are sugars, but lactose is not one of them. When we use honey we make make it plainly obvious on the label.
As a rule I would always stay clear of cask-conditioned beer or "real ale" as by definition it would contain isinglass. That is also true of Pretty Things cask-conditioned beers."

Company Email:
"We use four different sugars from various suppliers. So in fact I do not know what the various (refining) processes are."