The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery has some vegan options

Address: 4519 West Pine St
Farmville, NC, 27828
Phone: 252-753-7745
Fax: 252-753-7261
Checked by: Kevin M
Double checked by: Cat
Added: almost 9 years ago
Double Checked: about 8 years ago

Products by The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery:

Company email:
"Thanks for your interest in Duck-Rabbit beer. You're right, the Milk Stout wouldn't be a vegan choice. Also, when we make cask conditioned beers (served in a firkin) we usually condition those with honey. Everything else in our portfolio contains nothing to which a vegan would object."

Company email:
"There's lactose in the Milk Stout, so vegans might not prefer that. Nothing else objectionable to vegans in any of the other beers (no isinglass or gelatin etc.)"