Green Mountain Beverage is vegan friendly

Address: 53 Pond Lane
Middlebury, VT, 05753
Phone: 802-388-0700 x101
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Products by Green Mountain Beverage:

Company Email

"We do not certify that our products are vegetarian and vegan safe.
However, I do believe that we are safe as we do not use any animal, fish, egg or dairy materials in our products. These items are sometimes used in the beer and wine industry as a filtering agent (such as isinglass) however Woodchuck Draft Ciders are not filtered using these agents

Green Mountain Beverage is the importer of Strongbow Cider into the United States, and we are unable to comment on Strongbow Super, Strongbow Sirrus, and Strongbow Jacques, as we are not familiar with these products nor do we import them."