Dock Street Brewery & Brew Pub has some vegan options

Address: 701 S. 50th Street
West Philly, Pennsylvania, 19143
Phone: 215-726-2337
Checked by: Kevin M
Double checked by: Michael
Added: about 9 years ago

Products by Dock Street Brewery & Brew Pub:

Company email (May 2016):

"Our beers are, for the most part, vegan - we occassionally use ingredients like honey (and once, we brewed with goat brains) for specialty brews, but very infrequently. We don't use isinglass or gelatin either. (We use Irish moss.)"

Company Email (circa 2009):

"The only finings we use are in the kettle - Whirlfloc-T tablets, which are made up of Irish Moss and Sodium Bicarbonate. No animal based products used."

Kevin also notes:

" In addition to their delicious vegan beer, they also have vegan pizzas and desserts on the menu there."