Becks (Brauerei Beck GmbH & Co) is vegan friendly

Address: Am Deich 18/19 28199 Bremen
Phone: +49 421 509 40
Fax: +49 421 509 4667
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Products by Becks (Brauerei Beck GmbH & Co):

Company email:
"According to the German Purity Law only finings are admitted that act purely absorptive and which must be fully removable. Among these are (non animal) silica gels and PVPP. Other animal finings like isinglass or enzymatically acting finings like papain or chemically acting finings can be permitted in other countries but not in Germany.
Since our beers are brewed according to the German Purity Law, they are all vegan products."
[Note: Beck's is being produced by Anheuser-Busch, which sponsors rodeos]

Company Email:
"Additionally, the following foreign beers are produced under licence by LNA: