Carlow Brewing Company is unknown

Address: Station Road
Phone: +353 (0)59 9134356
Checked by: Andrea
Double checked by: Kristin, Shay, Aaron
Added: about 9 years ago
Double Checked: over 2 years ago

Products by Carlow Brewing Company:

Company email (November 2015):
"Currently the beers we produce are vegan friendly however there will be some old stock on the shelves in the country which may contain Isinglass. These will obviously be eradicated over time but as the bottles have an 18 month shelf life we have to state this."

[Note: given that some outstanding inventory is non-vegan, they seem to change their process every few months, and their milk stout makes the above statement questionable, we're listing these as unknown, use your own judgement here...]

Note from Aaron (October, 2015):
"Oh by the way, my mate is the head brewer at Carlow Brewing which does the O'Hara's range, he said they stopped using isinglass about six months ago."

Note from Kristin (March 2014):
"I was just looking into where to get some Ohara's Irish Stout and contacted the US Rep. I mentioned I was vegan and was wondering where to purchase etc. I included some of the links to the articles citing Carlow brewing as Vegan as the rep wanted to put these up on the US Facebook page.
Sadly he came back to me with sad news. He double checked with the brewmaster/founder and was notified that "They have recently begun using Isinglass to filter the beers".
The rep was very apologetic and said he was going to try and follow up with the brewmaster and founder and get back with me. At any rate, for the time being Carlow brewing company can no longer be listed as vegan."

Company email:
"Our beer is all filtered but no animal products / by products are used in the filtration process. We do not use isinglass finings to clarify our beer so I would say that it is suitable for vegans."