East End Brewing Company has some vegan options

Address: 6923 Susquehanna St.
Pittsburgh, PA, 15208
Phone: 412-537-BEER
URL: http://www.eastendbrewing.com/?q=node/121
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Products by East End Brewing Company:

Company email:
"Just saw you've listed us and wanted to take a moment to say thanks! I should say that once every year or two, we brew a batch of beer using some local honey...and in all of these cases, the word "honey" is used in the name of the beer

Company Website:
"Just a quick word here to let you know that East End Brewing uses NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS OF ANY KIND at any point in our process.

And why would we? Well, let's just say that a long time ago, someone discovered that if you dumped the pulverized remains of a swim bladder from a fish (in particular, a Sturgeon) into a tank of fermented beer, it would have a clarifying effect on it. Say it with me now: YUCK!"