Seven Sheds Brewery Meadery and Hop Garden has some vegan options

Address: 22 Crockers St
Railton, Tasmania, 7305
Phone: +61(03) 6496 1139
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Products by Seven Sheds Brewery Meadery and Hop Garden:

Company email (April 2017)

"Most of our regular beers are vegan-friendly with the exception of Razzamatazz which includes some honey. There may be 'one off' brews from time to time that include honey or other animal products which would be stated on the label. We don’t use any isinglass or gelatin.

"We make mead out of honey, in a separate shed. We don’t license other breweries to make our beer though we may at times do a collaboration in someone else’s brewery, in which case the brew-house would be noted on the label."