The Church Brew Works has some vegan options

Address: 3525 Liberty Ave
Pittsburgh, PA, 15201
Phone: 412-688-8200
Fax: 412-688-8201
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Products by The Church Brew Works:

Company Email:
"We do not use any isinglass or fining agents in our product. Two of our seasonal beers use animal products. Our Milk Stout uses lactose sugar and our Honey Wit obviously uses honey."

Company email:
"We do not use any isinglass or animal products to fine our beers we just condition and filter. We do use dairy (Lactose - Milk Sugar) in about half our stouts so you might want to ask if we are serving a Milk Stout or check our web site for a beer description. Right now we are serving an Oatmeal Stout which does not contain lactose. The next rotating stout is a Coconut Stout which does contain lactose."