Odell Brewing Company has some vegan options

Address: 800 East Lincoln Avenue
Fort Collins, CO, 80524
Phone: (970) 498-9070
Email: cheers@odellbrewing.com
URL: http://odellbrewing.com
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Products by Odell Brewing Company:

Company email (September 2012):
"Odell Brewing Company does not use isinglass for wort clarification in our brewing process. Instead, we use carrageenan extracted from red marine algae.

We will periodically use honey in our pilot system beers available in our Tap Room. When we do use honey in our Tap Room beers we do list it in the ingredients for awareness."

Company email:
Thanks for your inquiry. We do not use any animal products in our beer on a regular basis. The only exception would be honey. However, we have only brewed 1 batch with honey in our existence. If we ever brew another beer with honey, it would be clearly labeled.