Milwaukee Ale House has some vegan options

Address: 233 North Water Street
Milwaukee, WI, 53202
Phone: (414) 226-BEER
Checked by: Mike S
Double checked by: Mike S
Added: over 12 years ago
Double Checked: almost 8 years ago

Products by Milwaukee Ale House:

Note from Mike S : may 2011
"I talked to their head brewer last summer in person and he confirmed that MBC is in fact vegan. The brewery also has some of the same beers on tap at the Milwaukee Ale House and the ones they brew for kegs AT the brewpub use isinglass. But all the stuff they bottle and also keg for distribution at the production brewery don't. Confusing, but there you have it!"

From a company email:
"All of my beers are made with water, barley malt, hops, and yeast unless otherwise noted, for example the Ale House Weiss uses a large portion of wheat malt and our Sheepshead Stout contains oats and our Downtown Lites is brewed with honey. Other special beers I've made in the past have used corn, rye, honey, candi sugar, spices, etc. Some people have corn or wheat allergies so I make sure this information is mentioned to the staff here, although most people with these allergies ask first.

We do not filter any beer brewed here at the Ale House. I use a traditional method of fining all my beers for clarity. Yes, it involves dried fish swim bladders. It's rehydrated in water and added to the beer in the fermenter. By design it does not remain in the beer, but settles out with the yeast it pulls out of suspension."