Four Winds Brewing Company has some vegan options

Address: 4-7355 72nd St
Delta, BC, V4G 1L5
Phone: 604-940-9949
Checked by: Matthew
Double checked by: Yolanda, Jessica
Added: about 5 years ago
Double Checked: almost 4 years ago

Products by Four Winds Brewing Company:

Company email (April 2016)
"All of our products are Vegan except for one seasonal we do Called Triplicity Belgian Tripel (it contains honey). We only manufacture here in Delta BC Canada."

Company email (January 2016)
"At the moment we have numerous beers that are vegan and once our centrifuge is installed in the next month or so all our beers will be vegan. For now our saison, Berliner Weisse, and everything in the Eurus series(Triplicity, Wildflower Saison, Operis, Sovereign Saison, Nectarous, Peqe�o cabo, Edna)"

Company email (January 2015):
"Oh, and Nectarous is Vegan too!
In fact we will be implementing a piece of equipment that will take the whole fining process out of the equation, thus making all of our beer vegan.
6months or so."

Company email (January 2015):
"At this point in time our only vegan beer is “Four Winds Saison” we use an organic vegan fining agent and no other filtration additives."