Clarkshaws is vegan friendly

Address: Unit 8, Tyrrell Trading Estate, Tyrrell Road
East Dulwich, SE22 9NA
Phone: 07989 402 687
Checked by: Thom
Double checked by: Sarah
Added: over 4 years ago

Products by Clarkshaws:

Company website (October 2013):
"Everything is made entirely from UK ingredients with full farm to face traceability

No artificial flavours or preservatives, natch.

No fish (isinglass) products are used to fine our beers. We won't be able to make as much beer as other breweries but because we think the results are better, it's worth it."

Company website (September 2013):
"As a small independent microbrewery in East Dulwich our beers are created with a subtle blend of innovation, hard work, and the finest ingredients mixed with a dash of whimsy and serendipity, resulting in contemporary takes on classic British beer styles.

We use only ingredients sourced from the UK, supporting local producers and reducing the 'beer miles' of all our products.

Our process is designed to be vegetarian and we are London's first micro to produce all Vegetarian Society accredited products."