Red Truck Beer Company is NOT vegan friendly

Address: 1015 Marine Drive
North Vancouver, BC, V7P 1S5
Phone: 604-682-4RED
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Added: about 2 years ago

Products by Red Truck Beer Company:

Company email (April 2013):
"The answer is no. We use cryofine as a fining agent, which is a collagen derived from fish bladders. The reason we use this as we do not filter our beer and this is the most effective method for our situation.
However, we are changing facilities and production methods with in a year and we will be filtering at that time. Whether or not we will continue to use animal based products I can't answer that now. But I
would encourage you to contact us again in the future and check. As a brewer my aim is have as many people enjoy our beer as possible,though I do need to balance that with the quality of the beer. If I do find a suitable alternative that works with our production methods I will make the switch. If you have any questions about beer and it's Vegan-ness, I
would get a hold of Tariq Kahn the brewer for Big Ridge Brewing in Surrey. He is Vegan and I believe produces a Vegan-friendly beer."