Indie Alehouse has some vegan options

Address: 2876 Dundas St West
Toronto, ON
Phone: 1 (416) 760-9691
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Added: about 5 years ago

Products by Indie Alehouse:

Company email (April 2013):
"While none of our beers are filtered or use any isinglass or gelatin or have any animal products as ingredients; some of our beers do contain honey, as is appropriate for the style. Almost all of our cask conditioned beer will have some honey or sugar in them to help with conditioning and aging. [Editor's note: I did not see honey listed in the descriptions on their website for their current beer selections.]

Note - any 'milk stout' or 'breakfast' beer we make does not use actual milk, rather lactic acid or natural enzymes from malted barley grains that give those flavours. We do not use any milk in brewing."