Hoppin' Frog Brewery is NOT vegan friendly

Address: 1680-F East Waterloo Rd./Route 224
Akron, OH, 44306
Phone: (330) 352-4578
Email: info@hoppinfrog.com
URL: www.hoppinfrog.com
Checked by: Chris
Double checked by: Rob
Added: over 5 years ago
Double Checked: almost 5 years ago

Products by Hoppin' Frog Brewery:

Company email (July 2013):
"We make great beer, but we make no claims that it is vegan friendly. Our beer is not manufactured anywhere else in the world."

Note from Chris (November 2012):
"...I contacted a brewery from Akron, Ohio called Hoppin' Frog, in the hopes of gaining some information on their beer. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts all I was able to learn was that their recipes were secret... No yes or no to animal ingredients or by products, no yes or no to vegan status."