Tiny Rebel Brewing Company has some vegan options

Address: Wern Ind Est
Newport, NP10 9FQ
Phone: 01633 547378
Email: theteam@tinyrebel.co.uk
URL: http://tinyrebel.co.uk/
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Products by Tiny Rebel Brewing Company:

Company email (May 2018)
"5 of our 6 core beers are now registered with the Vegan Society. The cans will bear the vegan trademark from the next can production run, but all beer of these brands currently available are vegan"

Company email (January 2018)
"Whilst we are currently using isinglass in the production of our beers, we're looking to cease its use as soon as possible. We do now have a centrifuge in the brewery and we're in the process of perfecting the use of it to ensure all of our beers (except those containing lactose) are suitable for Vegans.

"It's an ongoing process and whilst some batches of our beers are already suitable for vegans, we can't guarantee it just yet. As soon as we can we'll be sure to let everyone know. We will continue to use isinglass in our cask beers but our keg can and bottle ranges will be suitable for vegans soon."

Company email (August 2017)
"Unfortunately we have had to begin utilising isinglass again in the brewing of our keg and small pack products. Whilst we won't be using it in every batch of beer, it will be used where necessary."

Company email (April 2017):
"All of our bottles, cans and kegs are vegan friendly (apart from Stay Puft and a few specials, which contain lactose - this would be clearly stated on the clip)

Our casks are fined with isinglass however, so are not suitable for vegans."

Company email (September 2014):
"With regards to our beer being vegan friendly, we have changed the method of which we keg since the post on the link below was made. Isinglass added to both our cask and keg beers.

Our bottles are vegan as isinglass is not used."

Company email (August 2014):
"All core casks & keg beers are fined, all bottles & some Tiny Batch products are unfined"

Company email (May 2013):
"Oh sorry that last email was regarding cask [not vegan-friendly]! All our keg products are unfined & vegan friendly."

Company email (September 2012):
"Unfortunately our beers that are currently available at Cotteridge wines are not vegan friendly. A we do not brew our beers anywhere else other then our micro brewery in Newport :)"