Fremont Brewing Company is vegan friendly

Address: 3409 Woodland Park Avenue N
Seattle, Washington, 98103
Phone: 206.420.2407
Checked by: Selby
Double checked by: Justin
Added: almost 6 years ago
Double Checked: about 3 years ago

Products by Fremont Brewing Company:

Company email (November 2016)

"Our beers are vegan. We use a centrifuge, not fining agents."

Company email (April 2015):
"All of our brands (with the exception of our Pilsner and Kolsch) are now vegan friendly/no longer use animal finings."..."While it is our hope to remove the finings from our Pilsner and Kolsch, we are not yet sure what the future will hold. And no, no lactose in our beers."

Note from Selby (July 2012):
"I just heard back from Fremont Brewing Company based in Seattle, WA. Their beers are not vegan as they use gelatin in the fining process."