Evil Twin Brewing has some vegan options

Address: Ole Borchs Vej 31
Valby, 2500
URL: http://www.eviltwin.dk/
Checked by: Liza
Double checked by: Patrick
Added: over 2 years ago
Double Checked: 24 days ago

Products by Evil Twin Brewing:

Company email (September 2014):
"We dont! We use fruit, nuts etc but none of the mentioned!"

Note from Amy (September 2012):
"I saw your listing for Evil Twin, and wanted to let you know that he did do a one-off barrel of an imperial porter with ham for an event. He wasn't just messing with you. We've interacted with Jeppe quite a bit, and he is a great guy who makes phenomenal vegan beer."

Note from Liza (June 2012):
"I didn't see Evil Twin Brewing on barnivore, so I tweeted them and they let me know that all but the ham beer (...what) are vegan.
Here's a link: https://twitter.com/1000compliments/status/218151285206163456"
[Editor's note: I can't find a list of their beers to verify they truly have a ham beer. Hey I wouldn't put that past anyone! So while they appear to be vegan-friendly, I have listed Evil Twin as Unknown for the time being.]