Olvalde Farm and Brewing Company has some vegan options

Address: 16557 County Road 25
Rollingstone, MN, 55969
Phone: 507-205-4969
Email: info@olvalde.com
URL: www.olvalde.com
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Products by Olvalde Farm and Brewing Company:

Company email (March 2013):
"Two of my seasonal ales, Ode to a Russian Shipwright and Brynhildr's Gift, are made from only barley, rye, water, herbs (hops, spruce tips, and/or juniper berries), and yeast. The Auroch's Horn includes honey. I don't use any processing aids in any product."

Company email (November 2011)
As you are aware, The Auroch's Horn, contains honey. I do not use any processing aids at all at any stage in the process (no clarifiers, filtration agents, coagulants, etc...). I produce all the ale myself on my in-laws' farm.