Goose Island Beer is vegan friendly

Address: 1800 West Fulton Street
Chicago, IL, 60612
Phone: 312-226-1119
Checked by: Michael
Double checked by: Rick, Kevin M
Added: about 9 years ago
Double Checked: over 6 years ago

Products by Goose Island Beer:

Company Email:
"I am pleased to report that we no longer use gelatin or isinglass finings for any of our beers."

Company email:
"Yes, all of our beers/Sodas are animal origin free. We do not use
processing aides that are animal in origin."

Company Email:
"Most Goose Island Beer Co. beers are free of animal products. There are only two exceptions. Our Summertime Kolsch and all the beers served Cask Conditioned at the Goose Island Brewpubs are filtered with isinglass. All other beers, bottle and keg, are free of animal products. We are looking to change our procedure for Summertime in 2005.

No animal ingredients are used in any Goose Island Beer.""