Redemption Brewing has some vegan options

Address: Unit 2 Compass West Industrial Estate
Tottenham, London, N17 0XL
Phone: +442088855227
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Products by Redemption Brewing:

Company email (April 2015):
"One of our followers has asked that we update our details on your website. ALL of our bottled beers ARE vegan friendly. Our cask ales are NOT though as we use isinglass finings."

Company email:
"I’m afraid they are not currently suitable for vegans as our beers do contain Isinglass Finings. If you are near to the brewery pop over and you can try some unfined beer. I would love to avoid using Isinglass but at present have not found any alternative that can work quick enough to satisfy most publicans who generally expect a beer to clear overnight. I believe most of the Moor beers are unfined and I am pretty sure Kernel beers are unfined too (as well as being excepetionally good!)"