Wicked Hathern Brewery has some vegan options

Address: 17 Nixon Walk, East Leake
Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE12 6HL
Phone: +441509842585
Email: john@theworsfolds.fsnet.co.uk
URL: http://www.wicked-hathern.co.uk/
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Products by Wicked Hathern Brewery:

Company email:
"As far as we know, our BOTTLED beers ** are suitable for vegans. We put isinglass in the casks for our cask beers but the beer for bottling is straight from the fermentation vessel. So they contain water, malt, hops and dried "Nottingham Ale" yeast. The finings are Protofloc and Irish Moss (both seaweed based).

Our beers are only brewed at Leek Brewery in Staffordshire and are directly under our control.

** Our fruit-flavoured beers contain a fruit flavour product, but we generally do not have much fruit flavoured beer in circulation and certainly none at the moment. We can't vouch for the flavourings."