The Kernel Brewery is vegan friendly

Address: 01 Spa Business Park, Spa Road
London, SE16 4QT
Phone: 07757552636
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Products by The Kernel Brewery:

Company email (February 2015)

"None of our beers contain any animal products (either ingredients or processing aids). On the occasion that they do (for example, we have a honey saison in tank at present), such ingredients are listed on the label."

Company email (September 2014)

"We don't use any animal ingredients or products in our beer on a regular basis (no isinglass, gelatin, etc). On the rare occasion that we do, for a particular beer (say a honey beer, or an oyster stout), we indicate this clearly on the label.
We produce and bottle/keg all of our beer here, ourselves."

Company email (January 2012)

"At present none of our beers (in cask, keg or bottle) contain any animal ingredients, or use any animal products as processing aids. It is possible that we may use something like honey in an individual beer in the future, but it would be labelled as such. We have also used Oysters in one beer in the past, but this was also indicated on the label.
Our beer is not made anywhere else than here."

Company email (January 2012)

"All the beer we now do, bottle, cask and keg, are all friendly to vegans."

Company email

"Indeed, all of our bottled beers are suitable for vegans. Any of the very rare casks of ours that you may come across could contain isinglass, but the bottles never."

Company email

"All our bottled beers are vegan (although we did once make an Oyster Stout, and I'd imagine that honey would be a possible ingredient in the future, but they will be signposted on the label, in such an event). Our few and rare cask beers are usually fined with isinglass, so not vegan. We make all our beers ourselves, here, directly. We have brewed with other brewers, and at other breweries, but again in bottle they are all vegan, but not in cask."