Neath Ales has some vegan options

Address: Endeavour Close, Purcell Avenue,
Baglan, Neath/Port, Talbot, SA12 7PT
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"You probably know that the thing that is added to ale to make the beer not acceptable to Vegans is isinglass finings. This rather unsavory ingredient is the pulverized swim bladders of certain species of fish. It is added to cask ale (some brewers add it to conditioning tanks too before bottling or racking to cask) to make the yeast fall out of the beer so that it can be served quickly. All beer will settle out in time (in my experience this takes a number of weeks), but at a timescale which is unacceptable to most publicans.

I would be more than happy to sell all my cask beer Vegan Friendly, but through years of mis information, the presence of yeast clouding the beer is not acceptable to most people.

I do however sell my Neath Black (5.5%) unfined (no isinglass) upon request or if I am running a beerfest. The beer is very dark anyway and the added flavour improves the drink."