Moor Beer Company is vegan friendly

Address: Days Road
Bristol, BS2 0QS
Phone: 07887 556521
Checked by: Bones
Double checked by: Dave
Added: over 6 years ago
Double Checked: about 3 years ago

Products by Moor Beer Company:

Note from Dave (July 2014):
"ALL beers are now unfined and appear to be suitable for vegans/vegetarinas

See statement at
'Our unfined ‘natural’ beers do not contain isinglass cask finings. They are designed to be served with a haze. We now proudly supply all of our beer unfined and naturally hazy as we believe it is best for the beer and for you.'"

Company email:
"All our beers that are in bottle, keg or are listed at a pub as unfined will be unfined. It is not brand specific. The dark cask beers that are unfined are Illusion, Peat Porter, Ported Peat Porter and Old Freddy Walker."