Elmtree has some vegan options

Address: Unit 10 Oakwood Industrial Estate, Harling Rd
Snetterton, NR16 2J
Phone: 01953 887065
Email: sales@elmtreebeers.co.uk
URL: www.elmtreebeers.co.uk
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Company email:
"Yes all our bottled beers are suitable for Vegans – some people don’t touch products that contain yeast but I understand that is known by a different name – we have friends who are serious about their vegan principles (no leather etc) and drink our bottled beer quite happily. The only animal derived product we add to our draught beer is isinglass, added to our light coloured beers – the Bitters & Pale Ales – because without isinglass the beer takes 2-3 days longer settling on the final stillage to clear & we can’t be sure that pubs will wait. We do now avoid putting isinglass in the dark beers as they tend not to show the slight haze that remains for a few days without the use of isinglass.

If you find any of our draught beers email or text us & we will let you know if they contain isinglass. Personally I would not use isinglass at all as it seems really unnecessary, but we probably wouldn’t be in business….."