Friesisches Brewery is vegan friendly

Address: Elisabethufer 18
Jever, 26441
Phone: +49 4461 13-326
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Products by Friesisches Brewery:

Babel Fish Translation:
"Your inquiry and the associated interest in our products we thank you cordially.

During the production of our products Pilsener, Fun, Light and Lime no ingredients are processed on animal basis. In accordance with the purity requirement of 1516 our products consist only of barley malt, water and hop. The most substantial the Bierhefe during the beer production is, which is out-filtered before the filling the beer, added one. Compound ones added with the production of our products are not used. Production auxiliary materials, which are used e.g. with clarifying the beer, are missing also on animal basis. Thus e.g. for the filtration of the beer petrified flint algae are used, which are after a fuel process husbands. All other filtration aids are plastics, which do not remain also in the beer. We can guarantee a 100%ige separation here. The packing materials, e.g. labels, correspond to the normal German standard, where also no animal products are contained of our knowledge. In summary we can say from our position that we would like to call our JEVER products vegan. Thus in the past also the strict adherence to the purity requirement helped us very strongly, our by-products, to be e.g. positioned as Bierhefe, on the food sector and/or the food-processing industry. "