Day's Cottage Cider & Perry is vegan friendly

Address: Day's Cottage, Upton Lane
Brookthorpe, Gloucester, GL4 0UT
Phone: 01452 813602
Checked by: Sid
Double checked by: Bones
Added: about 8 years ago
Double Checked: about 7 years ago

Products by Day's Cottage Cider & Perry:

Question from Bones regarding sugar:
"Thanks for the response, that’s great news, but could you tell me if the glycerine sweetner is of animal or plant origin"
Company email:
"Sorry I don’t know...there is no information on the packaging. But you are safe with the dry cider, and if you need it a bit sweeter try adding a little of our apple juice which is utterly natural."

Company email:
"I can assure you that we do not use any animal ingredients in our ciders...other than crushing fruit that is completely naturally grown without the use of any chemicals, which therefore has some insects/caterpillars on/in it! We do not process it beyond the crushing and pressing, and it is made in wooden ex-rum/whiskey barrels, and we do not filter it. Some of our bottles ciders are sweetened with a wine sweetener (saccharine/glycerine), but our dry cider is utterly natural. We make all our ciders on our farm from fruit grown locally, within about 10 miles. I’m afraid the down side to that is that we only sell locally, but can arrange to send cases of 12 bottles. If you can make it down this way you are welcome to visit and taste our ciders/perry."

Company email:
"Thank you for your enquiry. We do not use any animal ingredients in any of our ciders, apart from any beasties that might have been in the apples!...It is all from unsprayed orchards so we have no control over who/what has got to the apples before us! Other than that, we simply crush the apples, press the pulp and ferment the juice in oak barrels using the wild yeasts present on the apples. Nothing else is added. Some barrels clear and some remain cloudy, depending on variety of cider fruit used. We use a range of old cider varieties from traditional orchards in Gloucestershire. Hope this helps."