Timothy Taylor & Co. Limited has some vegan options

Address: Knowle Spring Brewery
Keighley, West Yorkshire, BD21 1AW
Phone: 01535 603139
Fax: 01535 691167
URL: http://www.timothytaylor.co.uk/
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Products by Timothy Taylor & Co. Limited:

Company email (August 2014):
"Unfortunately Timothy Taylor’s draught products contain isinglass finings as this is the most effective way of clearing our beer quickly. Although products are on the market which purport to clear beer successfully, they are not good enough for commercial use. The other way of producing bright beer is to leave the beer for something like 3 weeks when it the yeast would finally form a sediment. Regrettably there are no pubs that I know which can store beer this long.

However our bottled products are filtered to produce the necessary clarity and so bottled Landlord and Havercake have no animal ingredients in them. Bottled beer is produced in the UK only under our strict specifications."

Note from Ian:
"I don't have an email response, because Andy Leman from the brewery rang me to personally confirm that their Bottled Landlord beer is Vegan!
To say I was surprised to receive a telephone call at home from the brewer is an understatement - In fact I went straight out and bought some - and it was lovely!"