Adnams Southwold has some vegan options

Address: Sole Bay Brewery, East Green
Southwold, Suffolk, IP18 6JW
Phone: 01502 727297
Checked by: Ian
Double checked by: Aisling, Wiebke, Louise
Added: almost 6 years ago
Double Checked: almost 3 years ago

Products by Adnams Southwold:

Company email (March 2014):
"All our spirits are vegetarian/vegan friendly at this time."

Company email (June 2012):
"All our cask beers and bottled beers contain isinglass. Our beer is all made here in Southwold by ourselves so the processing would always be the same. The Cask Diamond Jubilee Ale we produced contained Honey."

Company email, January 2012:
"None of Adnams ales are suitable for vegans."

[clarification question asked]
"I am saying that ‘all’ Adnams drinks are not suitable for vegans; ie beers & spirits."

Company email:
"Currently, only one of our beers is suitable for vegans (i.e no isinglass finings are used) and that's bottled Spindrift."