SHS House is NOT vegan friendly

Address: 199 Airport Road West
Belfast, BT3 9ED
Phone: +44 (0) 2890 454647
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"Please see below details on Desperados. As far as I am aware from this, it is vegan friendly.


1. what the synthesized ingredients are synthesized of (vitamin D for example may be synthesized of lanoline, wool fat, which is not vegan)no use of vitamin D ; ,in the past use of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) for oxidation prevention: stopped since 4or 5 years. No other animal provenance ingredients used.
2. what other materials are used in the manufacturing process (including any that are not present in the end product or are present in very small amounts)for beer filtration, use of kieselguhr (diatomee earth) and for beer stabilisation ,use of foodgrade silicagel ( both removed by fine trapfilters before bottling)
3. all these queries relate to the packaging as well (e.g. glue containing casein for the labels) use of synthetic pregluded clear labels; (no more use of casein glues for paper labels) ; for cardboard or carton gluing, use of hot melt pellets, on synthetic bases
4. any use isinglass finings in the production of Desperados bottled beer no use of Isinglass in any of our breweries!"