Cascade Brewing has some vegan options

Address: 7424 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy
Portland, Oregon, 97225
Phone: 503-265-8603
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Products by Cascade Brewing:

Company email (February 2017)
"We don’t use any fining on any of our sour beers so you should be good to go on all of them."

Company email (February 2013):
"we use a fining agent on the non-soured beers. We do not use a fining agent on the sour projects."

Company email: June 2011
"Yes it is not correct. We use isinglass." [referring to a question about our previous status here.]

Company email: March 2011
"Most of our sour beer line-up contain no Isinglas or honey...but some do...I'll work on getting documentation of each beer as it comes through process."

Company email: Oct 2010
"All our beers are made at Cascade Brewing, in the basement of the Raccoon Lodge. All the beers made there are not technically vegan, we use isinglass, a clarifying protein from a fish, it is pretty standard in a lot of breweries. "