Hardknott Brewery has some vegan options

Address: Cumbria, LA18 4JS
Email: beer@hardknott.com
URL: http://hardknott.com/
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Added: over 7 years ago

Products by Hardknott Brewery:

Company mail:
"Just had confirmation from my finings supplier. The "auxiliary" finings are definitely free from animal products.
This leaves the issue of diligence in the brewery. Most bottled beers manufactured to date will be free from animal products. However, we cannot absolutely be sure that accidental contamination hasn't occurred.
We are in the process of commissioning new tanks that will help us to eliminate such issues and expect beers in the very near future will be guaranteed vegan friendly."

Company email:
"As it currently stands all our bottled beers are all made with vegans in mind.
However, I'm concerned about us having sufficient controls in place to guarantee no isinglass comes into contact with our beer while in the brew house. We do use isinglass in our cask beers and I worry about cross contamination. Additionally, we use a mineral based protein removal fining which we understand is free from animal products, but I am waiting for confirmation of this."