Batemans Good Honest Ales has some vegan options

Address: Salem Bridge Brewery, Mill Lane
Wainfleet, Lincolnshire, PE24 4JE
Phone: 01754 880317
Fax: 01754 880939
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Products by Batemans Good Honest Ales:

Via Twitter, September 2014:

"[Bohemian brews] only suitable for vegetarians however, all our other bottle beers are suitable for vegans"

Note from Bones about Finchley's: April 2011
Finchley's Bottled beers ARE suitable for vegans. There's no website as they are brewed by Bateman's Brewery for the supermarket Aldi. They are labeled as suitable for vegans."

Company email:
"All our bottled beers are suitable for Vegans, some Tesco Stores, Aldi and Morrisons stock our bottled beers."

Company email:
"All our bottled beers have vegan accreditation but our cask beers are fined using isinglass."

From website:
All bottled beers are approved by the Vegan Society: