Ballast Point Brewing & Distilling is vegan friendly

Address: 10051 Old Grove Road Suite B
San Diego, CA, 92131
Phone: (858) 695-2739
Fax: (858) 695-2734
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Products by Ballast Point Brewing & Distilling:

Company email (November 2015)
"I can confirm that we no longer use the previous gelatin, and all our main production beers are vegan-friendly!"

Company email (July 2011)
"We are currently using the centrifuge and have eliminated the use of gelatin at our production facility. We still use gelatin at our Linda Vista location as needed for clarification. The following beers made at our Scripps location are gelatin-free, Pale Ale, Calico Amber Ale, Big Eye IPA, Sculpin IPA, Wahoo Wheat, Black Marlin Porter and various seasonal beers like Sea Monster and Victory at Sea."

Company email:
"We do use gelatin as a yeast clarifier in our lighter beers, however this is filtered out before packaging. This will change next month as we will begin using a centrifugation process on all of our beers, eliminating the need for gelatin. Some of our specialty beers made at our other location may continue to use gelatin in the brewing process."