Lytham Brewery is NOT vegan friendly

Address: Unit 11, Lidun Park Industrial, Boundary Road
Lytham, FY8 5HU
Phone: 01253 737707
Checked by: Steve
Double checked by: Bones
Added: over 7 years ago
Double Checked: about 7 years ago

Products by Lytham Brewery:

Company email:
"No such products are used in the brewing of our beers, however fillings containing fish products are used clearing the beer in the cask. "

Company email:
"We use filings to help the beer clear which are fish products.
It is possible to have it without, but it wouldn't clear as fast or as well. Unfortunately landlords like it fast and clear!. We are currently looking at bottle conditioned beer, which would be vegan-friendly as it contains no filings."