The Free State Brewing Company is vegan friendly

Address: 636 Massachusetts Street
Lawrence, KS, 66044
Phone: (785) 843-4555
Checked by: Chris
Double checked by: Cassie
Added: over 7 years ago
Double Checked: over 6 years ago

Products by The Free State Brewing Company:

Company email (July 2011):

"I'd say that about 95%+ of our beers are vegan friendly. Those that are not would be due to the use of gelatin based finings. These do not include any of our packaged products at this time and we make every effort to ensure that customers at the pub are made aware of the use of finings in any of the occasional fined beers there."

Company Email:
"All of the beers that we have on the market are vegan friendly. The only times when any of our beers are not so, is on the very rare occasion that we might use finings. The last couple of times we did that, we experimented with some synthetic finings for that reason."