Stillwater Artisanal Ales is NOT vegan friendly

Address: 1028 S. Conkling St.
Baltimore, Maryland, 21224
Checked by: Kevin
Double checked by: Devin
Added: almost 8 years ago
Double Checked: 11 months ago

Products by Stillwater Artisanal Ales:

Company email (August 2017)
"All of our beers should be vegan, except for those with lactose. The main worries otherwise would be finings which we do not use, except for KICK G, which is 100% seaweed based."

Company email (July 2017)
[In response to "does Shoegaze contain lactose?"] "It does indeed."

[We're also seeing that Wavvy and The Cloud contain lactose, but haven't been able to find an ingredient list]

From an email (circa 2010):
Question: "I was wondering - do you use any animal based finings like gelatin or isinglass?"

Answer: "none at all! vegan friendly :)"