Shipyard Brewing Co. has some vegan options

Address: 86 Newbury St.
Portland, Maine, 04101
Phone: 1-800-BREW-ALE
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Products by Shipyard Brewing Co.:

Company email (September 2017)
"Our beers are still not considered vegan, as we do currently use a small amount of isinglass during our filtration process."

Company email (September 2012);
"Shipyard brews a very traditional English-style ale and we are faithful to the traditional English-style of brewing. We produce what is known as a bright beer, such as in commonly found in the U.K. Isinglass is a brewing aid used in traditional bright, English beers. Isinglass is used in the process prior to filtration. After filtration, none of our beers contain any residuals of isinglass finings."

Company Email: March 2011
" At this time, our beers are not vegan. We are in the process of a number of trials with an equivalent vegetarian product and there is a possibility we will switch to a new, vegetarian brewing aid once our brewing trials are complete. Peak Organic is indeed vegan friendly."

Company Email: Oct 2010
"Shipyard is in the process of experimenting with an alternative to isinglass but we have not made the transition yet.
Peak Organic beers do not use isinglass if you wish to try those products."

Company Email: Aug 2010
"Currently we are stuill using isinglass in the production of our beers however are working with other materials to try and find an adequate vegan friendly substitute.
The Peak Organic beers we make under contract here are vegan friendly."

Company Email: July 2010
"We are in process of changing from isinglass to a vegan friendly clarifying agent and should be complete by early Fall.
However Peak Organic beers which we make here are all vegan friendly FYI"

Note from Wendy: July 2010
"Hello, I noticed on your site that Shipyard was listed as non-vegan but I contacted Shipyard a few months ago to find out if their beer was vegan and they replied letting me know that as of April 2010 they will no longer use isinglass and will be vegan friendly."

Company email: Sept 2006
"Shipyard Brewing Company does use isinglas in the clarification process.
We regret that this does not meet the requirements of the vegan diet you are
on and we appreciate you being in touch with us to inquire. "