Motor City Brewing Works has some vegan options

Address: 470 West Canfield Street
Detroit, MI, 48201-1220
Phone: (313) 832-2700
Checked by: amets
Double checked by: AngelA
Added: about 9 years ago

Products by Motor City Brewing Works:

Company Email:
"All our beers by the standard you describe are vegan friendly. Technically
yeast is a living organism that is used in the fermenting process of all
beers whether they are wild fermented beers or using cultured yeast. Other
than yeast we do not use any animal ingredients."

Email from amets:
"also, i spoke with one of the brewers at Motor City Brewing Works in
Detroit, MI and was informed that none of
their beers are processed/filtered with animal products. however, they're
not totally vegan since they use honey in their honey porter. the other
beers are vegan though."