Caduceus Cellars is vegan friendly

Address: 158 Main street
Jerome, AZ, 86331
Checked by: Heather
Double checked by: AngelA, Virginia, Sarah
Added: over 8 years ago
Double Checked: over 1 year ago

Products by Caduceus Cellars:

Via (September 2016,) an example of how to be a jerk while informing you that their wines are vegan.

Via VegNews ( pulled March 2016):
"Keenan told VegNews that none of his wines contain animal products and instead go through a natural filtration process in which wine is poured over the top of fermenting grapes, then filtered through paper to collect sediment."

Company email (April 2011):
"Our vineyard practices are sustainable and organic, although we are not certified and our wines are in fact vegan."

Company email (February 2010):
"I cannot assure you our wines are vegan. It depends on too many factors, which type of wine, which barrel it was fermented in, etc etc. Mike is correct in that we do on occasion use egg whites to fine some of our wines. I cannot give you a list of which wines are vegan nor guarantee any of our wines are vegan."

Email from Heather (January 2010):
"I spoke with Thomas, the Assistant Manager, and Mike, the store manager. I did a wine tasting there and sampled every wine they have! I asked both gentlemen if the wine was processed vegan-ly, and they did not have a firm answer. Mike, the store manager, said, "I know that they use egg whites as part of the process." They did not have any more details, nor did they have a suggestion for how to find out for certain."