Flat Rock Cellars (Canada) has some vegan options

Address: 2727 Seventh Ave.
Jordan, Ontario, L0R 1S0
URL: http://flatrockcellars.com/
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Products by Flat Rock Cellars (Canada):

Company email (April 2016):
"We have eliminated the use of any animal-derived products in our winemaking at Flat Rock Cellars since 2013. We don’t employ the use of egg whites, casein (milk derivative) or gelatins for fining. We believe in crafting authentic and honest wines and believe eliminating these products allows us to create wines that are reflective of our vineyards. "

Company email (circa 2010):

"we do use some products that are derived from animals to fine our wines. We use casein (a milk protein), eggwhite and gelatin simply to remove the sediment and particles that occur naturally."