Badger Mountain Winery is vegan friendly

Address: 1106 S Jurupa St
Kennewick, WA, 99338
Phone: (509) 627-4986
Fax: (509) 627-2071
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Products by Badger Mountain Winery:

Company email (December 2014):
"Your website was brought to our attention by a customer asking about our use of blood and fish meal in the vineyard. It appears some of the information pertaining to the badger mountain wine is out of date. This oversight is our fault; we neglected to change our website when our vineyard practices changed. Your listing sites our website regarding the use of blood meal in our vineyard. We have not used blood and fish meal for 10 years;. Currently we spray powdered sulfur to control mildew (this is allowed under the organic standards) and we spray compost tea for nutrients. We brew the compost tea on site with compost from the vineyard and an organic starter."

[FYI (June 2013): Badger Mountain's website states that blood meal and fish meal are used as fertilizer for the grapevines.]

Company email (May 2011):
"All Badger Mountain wines are vegan and made only at our estate winery in Kennewick, WA."

Company comment:
"Since 2001, Badger Mountain has been fining and filtering their wines with non-animal based methods so they're both organic and vegan."