Weingut Dr. Loosen is vegan friendly

Address: St. Johannishof, Bernkastel/Mosel, D-54470
Phone: (+49) 6531-3426
Fax: (+49) 6531-4248
Email: http://drloosen.com/contact/
URL: http://www.drloosen.com/
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Products by Weingut Dr. Loosen:

Company email (November 2016: re: Dr. L Riesling
"I am happy to confirm that the Dr. L Riesling is suitable for vegans. No animal products are used in its production. The only filtration we do is with diatomaceous earth. And the wine is all bottled by us at our winery in the Mosel."

Company email (August 2016) re: Villa Wolf 2014 Reisling:
"Villa Wolf 2014 Riesling is vegan."

Company email (August 2015):
"We do not use any animal products in the production of Dr. Loosen Riesling. There is only a light filtration with diatomaceous earth before the bottling."

Company email (October 2011):
"None of our Rieslings are produced with any kind of animal product. We do a light fining, but with diatomaceous earth. So I believe the wines should be completely suitable for vegans."

Company email:
"At Dr. Loosen, we only use diatomaceous earth as a fining agent to help clarify the wines. No animal products are used, so the wines should be suitable for vegans."