Natura Emiliana is vegan friendly

Address: Chile
Checked by: Keith
Double checked by: Dawn
Added: almost 4 years ago
Double Checked: over 3 years ago

Products by Natura Emiliana:

Company email:
"For our fining process we used betonies.
For the filtering we used for our wines 4 to 6 micron filter and we do 3 to 4 racking back to get the big sediments out of the barrels.
Under the IMO regulation we cannot used any type of animal product such as albumins, gelatins, etc. Honey and milk are products that are not used on winemaking."

Company email:
"In Emiliana there are not wines with animal ingredients. The range Natura is made with organically grown grapes, with commercial and native yeast and the stabilization process is made naturally."